Ace Boxing Promotions commenced in 2001 under the guidance of Angelo Di Carlo. Angelo first held promotional events in the amateur boxing ranks during a time when his sons Alfie and Nathan were boxing. Angelo identified a need for the amateur boxing shows to be run more professionally and with the support of corporates.

After approximately 3 years of holding successful amateur events, Angelo turned his focus to the professional boxing ranks. From 2004, Angelo has been holding top class professional boxing promotions in Brisbane. He prides himself on holding promotions where fight cards are evenly matched. He is also an advocate of match-making bouts where our best Australian boxers fight each other.

His hard work has meant that he has been recognised as one of the leading boxing promoters in Australia. He has been privileged to have been supported over the years by corporate entities who have an equal passion for boxing. With the support of his corporate sponsors the Ace Boxing brand has been entrenched in the sport of boxing in Australia.

In addition to his role as a promoter, Angelo has also given his time and money to nurture a significant number of professional boxers over the years. His passion for developing boxers in Australia and for boxing generally cannot be disputed and he looks forward to continuing to service the sport of boxing in Australia.

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